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Vehicle Photography, Lancashire

I was contacted by Fiona Whalley, the Marketing Manager for Preston Bus Company, and she had an interesting challenge for me. They wanted one of their buses photographing. Hmmmm, sounded straight forward enough. A rather large vehicle, but do-able. And it had to look “interesting, as we are fed up with ordinary”. Again, pretty straight forward, even on this kind of scale. The bus was

Vehicle Photography, Lancashire2020-10-19T17:23:39+01:00

Bride Arrival

Another overcast day, and a similar problem seen in the previous blog post. However, due to distances involved, and the fact I also wanted the dramatic sky to aid the image, I chose a different technique here. Whereas in the last post I mentioned judicial use of extra light to pop the image, this wasn’t really going to be an option here, and I was

Bride Arrival2020-10-19T17:24:18+01:00
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