This particular shoot was for a number of clients of the Live Ribble Valley magazine. They included Out of the City, Ken Varey, Charles Campbell Bespoke and the restaurant The Sirloin. The day wasn’t particularly the best, from a weather point of view, but none the less, once organised, we had to get something, come what may!

There was a very fine drizzle at this point, and we needed to act quickly. I had a folding 120cm Octa to my right, approximately seven feet high and coupled to a Lencarta Safari Classic head, providing the main light source. A second head was mated to a 70 x 100cm folding softbox off to my left, but slightly behind the model. This was to provide the accent light you can see on his right cheek and arm etc, and quite importantly, along the length of the shotgun. Output from the classic was at 1/2 power.

Nikon D3 1/125th sec ISO200 24-70mm f10