Rachel Mason (Dare to be Different) and Lloyd BMW Colne had teamed up for a promotional shoot. A very loose remit and lots to play with  🙂

We had full access to the showroom, with a lot of cars, although the overriding colour seemed to be white, with a few black cars, and just one blue car. The lack of colour range within the showroom actually served our purposes extremely well, as it served as a stark contrast against the makeup and costumes. This was one of the reasons we chose to stay within the showroom, rather than make use of the exterior with the wider range of car colours too.

My lighting choice for this session was the Lencarta Safari, with both heads utilised. They were turned down to 1/4 power, and there was still more than enough power.

For this particular shot, there was a 120cm octobox camera left, at about five feet, angled down towards Emma’s head. This was the primary light, casting sufficient light into the boot of the car to illuminate Emma’s legs and dress. The dress in particular need close attention, as it was black/ultra dark blue, and needed a lift to seperate it from the black of the boot carpet. The octobox also served to highlight Emma’s hair colour and bow.

The second Safari head was placed camera right and about camera height. This was fired into a 70x100cm softbox and used as a fill light.

Nikon D3 1/100th sec ISO400 24-70mm f7.1