Project Description


Food photography should say a lot more than just “this is a plate of food”.
It should capture the time, effort and passion that has gone into that particular dish,
the ambience of the restaurant and the personality of the chef.

Making the mouth water and the stomach rumble is the perfect reaction. The ideal food photograph should not only look good, it should make you hungry to eat it. We can create the right image that will make people not only want to eat what you are serving but want to be part of the experience too.

Whilst we are based in Lancashire, our food photography has taken us to Cumbria, London, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales and even abroad, such as Texas and Alabama.

I work with a number of food stylists, in particular Adam Dalton of Dronfield.

Food Photography in Preston

Of all the subjects I photograph, I tend to find food photography more demanding than most. The chef wants it to convey everything he’s put into the preparation, along with detail and texture. The ambience of the restaurant has to register too, with a feeling the food belongs in that particular setting.

Food Photography in Lancashire and the North West

Following on from the event catering I covered with Fusion Outdoors, Russell asked me to photograph both the restaurant (Fusion Room, Preston) and also his food. After a meal at his restaurant, and spending time with Russell, how could I say no to such a likeable guy? Besides, the way the food is presented is such a feast for the eyes, it would undoubtedly be a real pleasure to work with him.

Fusion Outdoors

I was asked to cover the launch of an event catering company by the name of Fusion Outdoors. Sounds nice, I thought. Location catering for events and yadda yadda yadda, met them all before and all pretty much samey blah blah blah. oops! I was then told this company was actually a new venture for an established high class restaurant in Preston, the Fusion Room on Friargate. Hmmmm, now that titbit of information turned my perception of the company on it’s head. I hadn’t met a company like this before and it was hardly going to be samey.